How to eat potatoes for weight loss?

Baked or steamed potatoes support weight loss, as they have fewer than 140 calories per cup and preserve most nutrients. Also, you can enjoy a serving of air-fried French fries without the use of fattening sauces or dips, as part of a well-balanced, low-calorie diet. Eat potatoes with the skin as it’s the richest part in fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Potatoes are good for weight loss

They’re actually low in calories

Actually, potatoes are low in calories. For instance, boiled potatoes have only 87 calories per 100g! A cup of boiled potatoes has fewer than 140 calories.[1]

You can enjoy potatoes baked, steamed, stewed, or even air-fried, though, while dieting. Cooking method doesn’t play a significant role in the total calorie content of a meal. Added ingredients do.

Most favorite potato recipes include high-calorie ingredients, which may add hundreds of extra calories to a serving.

For instance, all vegetable oils are calorie-dense foods. Just a tablespoon has 125 calories! That’s why overconsumption of deep-fried foods can lead to obesity.

French fries have 3 times more calories than boiled or baked potatoes!

Adding cheddar cheese or heavy cream to French fries or other potato recipes further skyrockets the total calorie content.

Tip 1

Don’t cook potatoes with fattening ingredients, such as vegetable oil, heavy cream, or cheese if you want to lose weight.

Boiled potatoes are the best for Weight Loss

Actually, boiled potatoes are the best potato recipe for weight loss. Not only are they low in calories, but also they’re super filling!

According to a study, boiled potatoes are the most filling food among dozens of other common foods. Boiled potatoes are filling because they’re high in water and fiber. Foods high in water, fiber, and protein promote satiety.[2]

A cup of boiled provides 11% of the Daily Value of fiber. French fries contain even higher concentrations. Thus, air-fried French fries are good for weight loss!

Boiled potatoes are about 78% water! French fries are less than 60% water, whereas potato chips are less than 2% water!

For an even higher filling effect, you could eat boiled potatoes with a low-calorie, protein-rich food, like, eggs, Greek yogurt, lean meat, fish, mushrooms, beans, and even certain vegetables, such as spinach or kale.

Tip 2

Cook potatoes with foods rich in protein for the most satiating meal ever!

Potatoes have a great nutritional value

Also, potatoes are good for weight loss because they have great nutritional value. Vitamins and minerals in potatoes are involved in energy metabolism!

For instance, they’re a good source of vitamin C and certain minerals like potassium and iron.

Nutritional Value
per 100g
Protein 1.87 g
Fat4.19 g
Carbs20.4 g
Fiber1.4 g
Sugars1.6 g
Potassium372 mg
Magnesium24 mg
Phosphorus48 mg
Vitamin C12 mg
Nutritional Value of cooked potatoes.

Vitamin C

Most common peeled raw potatoes have about 21-24 mg of vitamin C per 100g. The skin of potatoes has some vitamin C as well. It has about 11.4 mg of vitamin C per 100g.

High vitamin C intakes from diet have beneficial effects on weight loss. Vitamin C helps increase energy metabolism, burn belly fat, and improve body composition.

But, vitamin C is very vulnerable to heat and cooking methods. A high percentage of vitamin C is lost during cooking.

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Baked or boiled potatoes contain about 13 mg of vitamin C per 100g. A serving provides about 22% of the Daily Value.

French fries also contribute to the daily vitamin C intake, as they contain about 10 mg of vitamin C per 100g. A small cup of French fries provides 6% of the DV.

Steaming whole potatoes without peeling or cutting them into pieces preserves most vitamin C. Otherwise, up to 75% of many nutrients leach into the water.[3]

So, prefer cooking whole potatoes. You can peel and cut them into pieces afterward. You can eat potatoes with the skin if they’re organic. Wash them with this homemade, chemical-free solution. It’s more effective than tap water.

Tip 3

Steaming or baking whole uncut organic potatoes with the skin preserves most nutrients, including vitamin C and iron!


Obesity has been linked to iron deficiency, which is the most prevalent single micronutrient deficiency globally. Low levels of iron cause tiredness, making it even more difficult to burn extra belly fat.[4]

Potatoes contribute to the daily iron intake. They have about 0.4 mg of iron per 100g, which is about 2% of the Daily Value.

Prefer eating potatoes with the skin, though, as you’ll get 2 times more iron! The skin of potatoes contains 8 times more iron than potato flesh! It has 3.24 mg of iron per 100g.

Tip 4


Potatoes are also particularly rich in copper. A serving provides about 32% of the Daily Value!

Low levels of copper have been linked to fat accumulation and increased risk of obesity. Thus, following a diet rich in copper is crucial for a lean body.

B Vitamins in Potatoes support Weight Loss

Furthermore, a cup of cooked potatoes provides about 27% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin B6. This key B vitamin also affects body composition, as it supports metabolism and regulates the synthesis of certain compounds like serotonin and dopamine, which affect appetite and mood!

Potatoes are also excellent dietary sources of pantothenic acid (16% DV per cup) which breaks down fats and helps extract energy from food.[5]

Moreover, both niacin (14% DV per cup) and thiamine in potatoes (14% DV) contribute to the metabolism of carbs, fat and protein.

Did you know?

Potatoes contain high amounts of 4 B vitamins which are implicated in fat metabolism!


Consuming potatoes could boost our daily potassium intake. Baked potatoes (with the skin) contain 535 mg of potassium per 100g. A medium potato contains about 926 mg of potassium or 27% of the Daily Value.

The peel is packed with potassium. In fact, you’ll get about 37% more potassium by eating potatoes with the skin!

Potassium is important for good health, as it’s present in all body tissues. Among others, potassium supports weight loss, as it’s crucial for glucose metabolism.


Additionally, potatoes are high in chromium. This trace element reduces cravings for fattening foods, helping us follow a hypocaloric diet for weight loss for a long time.

Cook organic potatoes with the skin

The skin of potatoes is the richest part in nutrients. Eating potatoes with the skin is good for health and weight loss. You’ll get more minerals, vitamins and dietary fiber.

Furthermore, the skin of potatoes prevents nutrients from leaching into water during cooking!

Also, it’s better to cook uncut baby potatoes with the skin. They preserve more nutrients during cooking.

Last, but not least, it’s even better to steam potatoes rather than boil them. Steaming preserves more nutrients.

Keep in mind that you should cook only organic potatoes with the skin. Potatoes are heavily sprayed with dangerous pesticides. More than 30 pesticide residues may be found in the skin of commercially grown potatoes.[3]

How to cook potatoes for Weight Loss?

Moreover, potato recipes with fattening sauces and creams can also make you fat. You can use spices and dried herbs, instead. Spices and herbs are low in calories, provide flavor, and have potent antioxidant properties!

Additionally, you could add a lean protein source for the ultimate filling meal.

Here are some favorite potato recipe ideas:

  • Herb-roasted potatoes with grilled chicken: Toss boiled potatoes with rosemary, thyme, and olive oil. Serve alongside grilled chicken for a satisfying, lean meal.
  • Spicy baked potato skins with turkey: Scoop out baked potato skins, fill them with seasoned ground turkey, and bake until golden for a spicy and protein-rich snack.
  • Baked potato and egg breakfast muffins: Make breakfast muffins by layering boiled potato slices with eggs, spinach, and a sprinkle of paprika before baking.
  • Italian herb potato and chicken skewers: Skewer boiled potatoes and lean chicken, marinated in herbs, and grill for a flavorful and low-fat meal.
  • Lemon herb potato and salmon packets: Wrap boiled potatoes, lemon slices, and salmon fillets in parchment paper, bake until tender, and enjoy a simple and nutritious meal.
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Vegan Recipe Ideas

  • Stewed potato and lentil curry: Create a hearty stew with boiled potatoes, lentils, and a mix of aromatic spices for a flavorful, plant-based option.
  • Baked sweet potato and black bean salad: Combine baked sweet potatoes with black beans, cherry tomatoes, and cilantro for a colorful and protein-packed salad.
  • Herbed baked potato wedges: Cut potatoes into wedges, toss with herbs like parsley and dill, and bake until crispy for a guilt-free alternative to fries.
  • Mediterranean potato and chickpea bowl: Mix boiled potatoes with chickpeas, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, and a lemony vinaigrette for a refreshing Mediterranean bowl.
  • Curried cauliflower and potato soup: Create a comforting soup by combining boiled potatoes and cauliflower with curry spices and vegetable broth.
  • Baked potato and black-eyed pea salad: Combine baked potato cubes with black-eyed peas, red onion, and a zesty vinaigrette for a protein-packed salad.
  • Garlic and herb mashed cauliflower and potatoes: Mash boiled potatoes with cauliflower, garlic, and herbs for a lighter version of traditional mashed potatoes.

These recipes focus on lean proteins, beans, and a variety of herbs and spices to enhance flavor without adding unnecessary calories.

French fries recipe ideas

Eating air-fried French fries, as part of a healthy, well-balanced diet, could also be beneficial for improving body composition!

Here are some easy and quick recipe ideas:

  • Air-fried garlic parmesan potato bites: Air-fried potato bites coated in a light garlic and parmesan seasoning for a delicious and guilt-free appetizer.
  • Greek yogurt and herb dipping sauce: Whip up a healthy dipping sauce using Greek yogurt and a mix of fresh herbs to accompany your air-fried fries.
  • Air-fried cottage cheese-stuffed jalapeños: Create a spicy and protein-rich appetizer by air-frying jalapeños stuffed with cottage cheese.
  • Egg salad-stuffed air-fried potato skins: Air-fried potato skins until crispy and fill them with a light egg salad for a protein-packed snack.
  • Sesame ginger air-fried potato strips: Toss air-fried potato strips with a sesame ginger glaze for an Asian-inspired and flavorful side dish.
  • Lemon herb chicken and air-fried potato bowl: Pair air-fried potatoes with lemon herb-seasoned chicken for a wholesome and well-balanced meal.
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Vegan dishes

  • Herb-infused air-fried potato wedges: Toss potato wedges with rosemary, thyme, and olive oil before air-frying for a flavorful and crispy snack.
  • Crispy chickpea and potato snack bowl: Combine air-fried chickpeas with seasoned potato cubes for a protein-packed and crunchy snack.
  • Tahini and lemon air-fried potato cubes: Drizzle air-fried potato cubes with tangy tahini and lemon dressing for a Middle Eastern-inspired dish.
  • Mediterranean fries with hummus: Pile air-fried fries high with colorful Mediterranean veggies and a dollop of hummus for a satisfying meal.
  • Black bean and corn fiesta fries: Top air-fried fries with a mixture of black beans, corn, and salsa for a festive and healthy dish.
  • Crispy air-fried zucchini and potato coins: Air-fry a combination of zucchini and potato coins until golden for a light and crispy side.

Why do people gain weight eating healthy potato recipes?

People may gain weight even when consuming healthy potato recipes for several reasons.

While potatoes can be a healthy and nutritious food, consuming them in large portions can contribute to excess calorie intake. Even healthy recipes can lead to weight gain if portion sizes are not controlled.

Frying potatoes or adding excessive amounts of oil, butter, or high-calorie toppings is also a key reason why eating potatoes or French fries makes us fat.

Pairing potatoes with high-calorie accompaniments or toppings, such as cheese, cream, or processed sauces, can contribute to weight gain. Opting for lighter alternatives can make a significant difference.

To enjoy potatoes as part of a healthy diet for weight management:

  • Control portion sizes.
  • Choose healthier cooking methods like baking, boiling, or roasting.
  • Limit high-calorie toppings and accompaniments.
  • Maintain an active lifestyle through regular exercise.

When should I eat potatoes to lose weight?

The best time to eat potatoes for weight loss is at lunch. Carbs in potatoes provide energy for the rest of the day. Combine them with lean proteins, such as grilled chicken, beans, Greek yogurt (for a protein-packed dip or sauce) and plenty of vegetables for a satisfying and low-calorie meal.

Also, you can enjoy air-fried potato wedges or baked potato chips as a healthy snack. Pair them with a light dip like Greek yogurt mixed with herbs.

Furthermore, potatoes are a great post-workout snack. Eat them after a workout to replenish glycogen stores. Combine them with a source of protein for muscle recovery.

Avoid consuming potatoes before bed, though. The body has reduced insulin sensitivity at night. So, extra carbs are more easily stored as body fat. On the other hand, a great late-night snack can be popcorn, a banana, or any other food high in melatonin, which promotes a good night’s sleep.

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