How to cook potatoes to lose weight?

Potatoes are great for losing weight, as they’re low in calories, contain fiber and resistant starches. Most noteworthy, potatoes are the most filling food you can eat, helping you to consume fewer calories.

Are potatoes high in calories?

Actually, potatoes are pretty low in calories. For instance, boiled potatoes have only 125 calories per 100g! Practically, a serving of a cup (160g) of boiled potatoes contains only 200 calories.[1]

Therefore, eating potatoes won’t make you fat. On the contrary, potatoes are a filling food with low calories. They’re ideal for losing weight!

Nutritional value of potatoes

Calories of potatoes come mainly from carbs. But, potatoes do contain protein and fat, as well. Also, they’re a good source of vitamin C and certain minerals like potassium and iron.

Nutritional Value
Protein 1.87 g
Fat4.19 g
Carbs20.4 g
Fiber1.4 g
Sugars1.6 g
Potassium372 mg
Magnesium24 mg
Phosphorus48 mg
Vitamin C12 mg
Nutritional Value of Potatoes.

Don’t remove the skin of potatoes

The skin of every plant is the richest part in nutrients. Potatoes are no exception. Eating potatoes, with the skin, is good for you. You’ll consume more minerals, vitamins and dietary fiber.

Be careful, though. Potatoes are sprayed heavily with dangerous pesticides. More than 30 pesticide residues may be found on commercially grown potatoes.[2] Therefore, it’s better to prefer local organic potatoes. Above all, eat potatoes with the skin only if they’re organic!

Glycemic Index & Glycemic Load of potatoes!

Certainly, potatoes have a pretty high glycemic index. The glycemic index depends on the potato variety and cooking method. Most potatoes have a glycemic index about 83! This is considered pretty high.

But, glycemic load is a more reliable way to tell, if food can cause spike of blood sugar. Potatoes have a glycemic load of 17-25. This is medium to high. The cooking method can make a huge difference!

On the other hand, as white potatoes are high in dietary fiber and resistant starches, they slow down digestion, thus blood sugar spikes and hunger!

Potatoes are the most filling food!

Potatoes are great for losing weight because they’re low in calories, but also potatoes are the most filling food! According to a study, boiled potatoes are the most filling food among dozens of other common foods.[3] Another common filling food which can actually help you lose weight is pasta!

Furthermore, researchers found that the protein, fiber, and water content of food have a huge impact on its satiety index. Fat of food had a negative effect. Potatoes are 72% water, 1.9% protein, 4.2% fat, and 1.4% fiber.

Additionally, potatoes are high in chromium. This trace element reduces cravings for fat, making dieting easier!

Use seasoning, not fat, in your potato recipes

The human body is pretty efficient in converting the fat from food to fat in the body. Furthermore, if you consume a meal high in carbs, along with a fatty food, most of the fat from food will be converted to body fat! In minutes, actually.

So, never use vegetable oils in your potato recipes. Vegetable oils are the most calorie-dense food ever. Just a tablespoon contains 120 calories. Even the healthiest vegetable oils, such as olive oil and flaxseed oil can make you fat, when combined with a high-carb food, such as potatoes.

Moreover, you can use spices, as seasoning on any potato recipe. For instance, paprika tastes great with baked potatoes.

Spices, herbs, vegetables, and beans can help you lose weight, as they’re low in calories. They contain lots of nutrients, as well.

When should I eat potatoes to lose weight?

The best time to eat potatoes is at lunch. Potatoes will provide you with instant energy, so you better eat them early in the day. Avoid consuming potatoes late at night. Most people tend to eat more food in dinner than they actually need. Potatoes can easily become a meal high in calories, especially if you add fat, such as butter, cream, cheese, or vegetable oils.

If you want to lose weight, try to eat foods low in calories at night, such as popcorn. Popcorn is pretty low in calories, but high in fiber. Also, it keeps you full for a long time. Popcorn is great for a late night snack.

Furthermore, you could eat foods rich in melatonin at night, as melatonin can help you sleep better.

Are potatoes good for weight loss?

As a rule of thumb, potatoes are good for weight loss. They’re low in calories, contain fiber and keep you full for a really long time. You can eat them with veggies, spices, herbs and beans. Avoid eating them late at night. Most noteworthy, don’t eat potatoes with fatty foods, such as vegetable oils, creams, butter or cheese. You’ll probably gain weight!

So, boiled, bakes and mashed potatoes with spices and herbs are great for losing weight. On the contrary, French fries are so high in calories. They’re an awful food option if you want to lose weight. Due to the high fat content.