Should I drink a smoothie before or after workout?

Smoothie before or after workout? Actually, the best time to drink a smoothie is after exercise. It promotes muscle recovery, as it’s high in protein, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants!

Should I drink a smoothie before workout?

Smoothies can be great pre-workout snacks. Especially, fruit smoothies are rich in sugars. Boosting sugar intake before a strenuous exercise is good for athletes.

Sugar from fruits before exercise is great for the body. Sugar is stored as glycogen in the muscles, which is the instant source of energy. In addition, fruits contain much more than sugar. They’re packed with antioxidants, vitamins, electrolytes, and other health-promoting phytochemicals.

If you want to lose weight, a low-sugar post-workout smoothie may be the best option, though. Prefer low-sugar fruits, like berries. For instance, strawberries and raspberries are pretty low in sugars and calories!

Moreover, drinking a smoothie before a workout can hydrate you. Proper hydration is vital for sport performance and muscle recovery.

However, you shouldn’t drink a smoothie right before exercise. You should drink it at least 2 hours before working out. Fiber in vegetables and fruits may make you feel discomfort. Especially, if you have a sensitive stomach.

Above all, you shouldn’t add too many ingredients. More than 2-3 ingredients can make a smoothie difficult to digest. Certainly, you should drink an easily digested smoothie before a workout.

Also, consuming foods high in nitrates seems to increase energy and enhance athletic performance. Nitrates help the body supply oxygen to the muscles.

The best time to drink a smoothie is after a workout

A post-workout meal has to be rich in carbs and protein. You need carbs to quickly replenish glycogen stores.

A green smoothie is the best post-workout snack. Not only do smoothies replenish glycogen stores, they also promote muscle recovery, due to their high antioxidant, vitamin and mineral content. You can even add herbs, like peppermint, to increase the antioxidant status of the body. Antioxidants fight exercise-induced free radicals.

The best smoothie after a workout

The best post-workout smoothie has to contain protein, quality carbs, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Most people consume protein powder and refined carbs after exercise. However, they don’t get any vitamins or antioxidants. Don’t do the same mistake.

Post-workout smoothies should contain high-quality carbs. Fruits are excellent sources of carbs and sugars. For instance, banana is high in carbs and sugar, while it has decent amounts of protein. Actually, banana smoothies are great for weight loss.[1]

Furthermore, fruits and veggies are high in vitamins and electrolytes.

Vitamins are vital for many functions of the human body, as well as muscle recovery.

Also, it’s crucial for athletes to replenish lost electrolytes as soon as possible. Electrolyte imbalances can lead to many adverse effects, like leg cramps, and poor athletic performance.

Fruits, like banana and avocado, are particularly high in potassium. This important electrolyte is involved in muscle contraction and nerve transmission

Also, the meal after a workout has to be rich in protein. If you want to drink a post-workout smoothie high in protein, you can add a scoop of a high-quality plant-based or whey protein powder.

What food should you avoid after a workout?

After exercise, you should avoid eating foods high in salt, refined sugar, or fat. Sport drinks, soft drinks, sweets, and processed foods are packed with refined sugar.

Furthermore, you should avoid foods high in fat. Although we need fat, too much fat isn’t good for maintaining a lean body. Prefer to consume fat from seeds or nuts. You can add them to your post-workout smoothie. For instance, a tsp of flaxseed can skyrocket your omega-3 intake!

Certainly, eating nothing after exercise is the worst thing you can do!