What's the zinc content of a banana?

How much zinc in a banana?

Banana contains moderate amounts of zinc. A banana provides up to 0.23 mg of zinc, or 2.1% of the daily required dose!

What's the carbohydrate content of a ripe or overripe banana?

Is banana high in carbs?

The main carbs of an unripe banana are starch & dietary fiber, while the main carbs of an overripe banana are sugars.

What's the sugar content of a banana?

How much sugar in a banana?

Bananas are high in carbs such as starch, fiber & sugars. Overripe bananas have the highest amounts of sugars.

vitamin C content in bananas

Are bananas high in vitamin C?

Banana isn’t the richest food in vitamin C. But, as many people consume it regularly, it helps meet the daily required dose!

potassium content of a banana

Are bananas high in potassium?

Bananas are among the richest foods in potassium. Actually, a banana has about 540 mg of potassium, or 16% of the daily required dose!

How much fiber in a banana? Do bananas promote a healthy high dietary fiber diet?

How much fiber in a banana?

Bananas regulate appetite, as they’re pretty rich in dietary fiber. In fact, a banana contains up to 3.9g of fiber, or 14% DV!