How much calcium in chocolate?

Is chocolate high in calcium?

Dark chocolate with 70% cacao contains 30% more calcium than other types. A 1 oz serving contains 21 mg of calcium, or 2% DV.

What's the sugar content of chocolate?

How much sugar in chocolate?

Only dark chocolate with at least 70% cocoa solids, as well as chocolates with stevia as sweetener, have a low sugar content.

How much fiber in chocolate?

Is chocolate high in fiber?

Dark chocolate has a great fiber content. A small 1 oz serving provides 2.3g of fiber, or about 8% of the daily required dose!

What's the protein content of chocolate?

Is chocolate high in protein?

Chocolate contains modest amounts of protein. A small 1oz serving contains 1.74g of protein. Dark chocolate has the highest amount of protein!

chocolate is rich in iron

Is chocolate high in iron?

Dark chocolate is particularly rich in iron. A 1 oz serving contains about 3.4 mg of iron, or 19% of the daily required dose.

Polyphenols in chocolate

Polyphenols in chocolate.

Dark chocolate is pretty rich in polyphenols & other antioxidant, while milk & white chocolate are poor in cocoa solids and polyphenols.