Is rice rich in sugar?

How much sugar in rice?

Rice is poor in sugar. A serving of white, yellow, or brown rice contains no more than 1 g of sugars. But, it may spike blood sugar levels!

How much protein in rice?

Is rice rich in protein?

Rice has decent amounts of protein. White rice contains about 3.5 g per cup, while brown & wild rice have almost twice more protein!

How much iron in rice?

Is rice rich in iron?

White rice is poor in iron, containing only 0.24 mg per serving. But, brown & wild rice are good sources, containing up to 0.98 mg of iron.

How much potassium in rice?

Is rice rich in potassium?

White rice contains negligible amounts of potassium, while brown & wild rice is a good source, containing up to 910% more potassium.