prunes are good for weight loss

Are prunes good for weight loss?

Prunes are good for weight loss, as they’re high in fiber, vitamin K, boron & potassium! They’re crucial for fat burn & decreased hunger!

Vitamin K and Warfarin interaction

Vitamin K & Warfarin side effects.

When vitamin K is too much? Can vegetables be BAD for you? Sometimes yes. Especially If you take Warfarin you shouldn’t change eating habits drastically…

Vitamin K dependent clotting factors

Vitamin K dependent clotting factors

What are the symptoms of bleeding disorders? What are Vitamin K dependent clotting factors? How to prevent deficiency of Vitamin K? What’s the best diet?

Green smoothie with vitamin K rich foods.

Foods rich in vitamin K

The richest foods in vitamin K are dark leafy greens, fermented foods, chicken, and cheese. We may benefit from supplements as well.