How much taurine a day for weight loss?

A daily taurine dosage of 400 mg from food or supplements is beneficial for weight loss, as taurine regulates glucose, helps burn belly fat, and controls appetite!

Health benefits of taurine

Taurine is one of the most abundant amino acids in the body! It’s highly concentrated in the brain, eyes, muscles, and heart. Taurine has huge functional significance in cell development, nutrition, and survival. Undoubtedly, it’s one of the most essential substances for the body![1]

Taurine isn’t an essential amino acid. The human body synthesizes small amounts of taurine in the liver, brain, and pancreas. Methionine, cysteine, and vitamin B6 are necessary for the synthesis of taurine.[2,3]

But, the human body can’t produce adequate amounts of taurine to maintain normal plasma taurine concentrations. Furthermore, some people have low ability to naturally produce it. Therefore, we should take taurine directly from food or supplements.

Can taurine help you lose weight & belly fat?

High levels of taurine are good for losing weight and lowering BMI (Body Mass Index). Moreover, taurine can reduce inflammation in obese women.[4,5]

Also, taurine may help you lose belly fat, as it inhibits the formation of new fat cells in white fat tissue.[6]

Additionally, taurine helps you lose weight, as it’s necessary for the regulation of glucose, metabolism of fat, energy expenditure, and appetite control![7]

Furthermore, taurine has been linked to a decreased risk of high blood pressure, and plasma cholesterol.[8]

What dosage burns belly fat?

We take about 40-400 mg of taurine from diet. A daily taurine dosage of 400 mg from dietary sources is considered enough for weight and other functions of the human body.[9]

But, taurine insufficiency is common to vegans. Plants don’t contain taurine! Meat, fish, and eggs are the only good dietary sources. Hence, vegans and vegetarians could increase taurine intakes by taking dietary supplements, which contain the synthetic form.

So, vegans, vegetarians, and people who follow a plant-based diet could take up to 500 mg of taurine from supplements in order to lose weight. Higher dosages are unnecessary for weight loss.

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