Taurine supplements for energy, weight loss & athletes.

Why is taurine important for health?

Taurine is one of the most abundant amino acids in the brain, spinal cord, leukocytes, heart, muscle cells, and the retina. It’s present in almost every tissue throughout the body! Above all, it’s highly concentrated in brain, eyes, muscles, and heart.[1]

Moreover, taurine isn’t an essential amino acid. It isn’t used for protein synthesis. But, taurine has huge functional significance in cell development, nutrition, and survival. Undoubtedly, it’s one of the most essential substances in the body!

Above all, taurine is necessary for increased energy levels and athletic performance!

Does the human body make taurine?

The human body synthesizes small amounts of taurine in many tissues, such as the liver, brain, and pancreas.[2]

Certainly, the body needs other compounds in abundant, in order, to synthesize taurine. For instance, methionine, cysteine, and vitamin B6 are necessary for the synthesis of taurine.[3]

But, the human body can’t produce adequate amounts of taurine to maintain normal plasma taurine concentrations. Furthermore, some people have low ability to produce it naturally.

Therefore, we should take taurine from food or supplements.

Moreover, we could benefit from eating foods high in methionine, cysteine, and vitamin B6, in order, to help the body produce more taurine naturally. Hence, have increased energy!

What dosage of taurine is necessary daily for energy?

We take about 40-400 mg of taurine from diet.[4] A daily taurine dosage of 400 mg from dietary sources is considered enough for increased energy levels and other health benefits.

But, taurine insufficiency is common for vegans, as they don’t get any taurine from food. Plants don’t contain taurine! Hence, vegans and vegetarians could increase their energy levels taking taurine supplements. Athletes, as well.

Can taurine help you lose weight & belly fat?

High levels of taurine are good for losing weight and lowering BMI (Body Mass Index). Moreover, taurine can reduce inflammation in obese women.[5,6]

Also, taurine may help you lose belly fat faster, as it inhibits formation of new fat cells in white fat tissue.[7]

Additionally, taurine helps you lose weight, as it’s involved in many functions of the body. For instance, taurine is necessary for regulation of glucose, metabolism of fat, energy expenditure, and appetite control![8]

Furthermore, taurine has been linked to decreased risk of high blood pressure, and plasma cholesterol.[9]

Can taurine boost athletic performance & energy levels?

Certainly, we need taurine for energy and fighting fatigue. Obese people, vegans, and athletes could benefit the most:

  • obesity has been linked to lower taurine concentrations.
  • vegan food has no taurine.
  • athletes have higher energy needs.

Taurine may help you run longer

Firstly, taurine is necessary for high levels of energy. Furthermore, taurine supplementation may be good for athletes, such as runners, as it seems to delay muscle fatigue and muscle burn!

Taurine supplements may improve endurance performance, increase VO2max, and help athletes exercise for more time, as taurine delays exhaustion.[10,11]

Additionally, taurine is good for runners, as it may promote fat burn for energy, instead of carbs![12] Increased fat burn is beneficial for athletic performance. Especially for long-distance athletes.

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Taurine may increase muscle strength

Moreover, taurine supplements seem to be good for athletes of bodybuilding and weightlifting. Taurine can increase strength levels, decrease muscle soreness, and also help muscles recover faster, as it decreases oxidative stress.[13]

Also, zinc, vitamin C and vitamin D are beneficial vitamins for building muscle mass. Moreover, iron is necessary for increased energy levels.

How much taurine do athletes need?

Actually, there isn’t a recommended daily intake of taurine. We can get up to 400 mg a day from food.

If you’re a vegetarian, vegan, or athlete you could benefit from taking taurine supplements, though. But, how much do you need actually?

Most studies for athletes have used taurine dosages of 1,000-10,000 mg a day. Although taurine supplementation is considered pretty safe, you better limit your daily taurine dosage to 3,000 mg.[14]

A daily dosage of 3,000 mg is enough for athletes!

Also, this dosage is more than enough to protect vegans from taurine deficiency. Furthermore, a daily taurine dosage of 3,000 mg can increase energy levels and help obese people burn more belly fat and lose weight!

Food high in taurine

Only a few foods contain taurine. Meat, fish, and eggs are the only good dietary sources.

Is taurine in energy drinks too much?

Taurine is a key component in most energy drinks or even soda soft drinks and has gained huge publicity, as an energy booster. Energy drinks contain 750-1,000 mg of taurine per serving.[15] Certainly, this dose can’t cause toxicity.

On the other hand, long-term side effects of consuming huge doses of taurine, along with caffeine, and sugar aren’t well-studied. Hence, you shouldn’t depend on energy drinks for taking taurine. Prefer taurine supplements. Compare prices on Amazon.