Can selenium help you lose weight fast?

selenium to lose weight fast

Selenium may help you lose weight faster

Above all, selenium is key for the good function of the thyroid gland. An important function of thyroid hormones is the metabolism of energy. The thyroid hormones regulate thermogenesis and basal metabolism. Increased thermogenesis means more calories burned. So, we lose weight faster.

Thyroid gland contains high amounts of selenium. Also, selenium is vital for thyroid hormone synthesis and metabolism.[1]

Moreover, thyroid hormones are linked to body composition and weight gain or weight loss. For instance, hypothyroidism is linked to a higher body mass index (BMI) and higher risk of obesity! Even mild thyroid dysfunction may cause obesity.[2]

Therefore, if you have thyroid disease you better check your selenium and iodine levels. Consult your physician about taking supplements or consuming foods high in selenium or iodine.

Selenium may decrease insulin sensitivity

Adequate amounts of selenium are linked to low insulin resistance. Low insulin resistance means less hunger, lower blood pressure, and lower risk of development of type 2 diabetes mellitus. Hence, lower risk of obesity! Weight gain is highly associated with insulin resistance.[3]

But, what’s the best dose of selenium to have a beneficial effect on insulin resistance? Scientists found that a selenium dose of 1.6 mcg per kg (or 0.72 mcg per pound) is good for low insulin resistance. So, a daily selenium dose of 140 mcg for men and 110 mcg for women seems ideal for protecting from insulin resistance and obesity! Additionally, other studies have shown that a daily selenium dose of 100-150 mcg a day is beneficial against cancer.[4]

Higher doses aren’t more beneficial, though. On the contrary, excessive amounts of selenium may have harmful effects. Overdose of selenium may cause insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes mellitus!

The recommended daily selenium dose for adults is only 55 mcg. Furthermore, the maximum selenium dose for teens and adults is 400 mcg.[5] Excess selenium may be toxic for the body. It may cause skin rashes, fatigue, brittle nails, hair loss, and even weight gain.

Therefore, a daily dose of 100-150 mcg seems good for your health and for keeping a healthy weight. Certainly, there is no need for selenium supplements. Food is enough. Eat just a Brazil nut daily. It contains 68–91 mcg of selenium!

Moreover, zinc and copper are important for insulin sensitivity. A whole food plant-based diet contains lots of foods high in zinc and copper.[4]

Selenium may help you lose belly fat

According to another study with 37 overweight participants, selenium intake helped people lose more fat. All the participants followed a low-calorie diet to lose weight. Those who received a selenium supplementation of 240 mcg a day lost more fat, though.[6]

Although there wasn’t a great difference between the total weight loss between the placebo-group and the selenium-group, the selenium group lost much more fat. Most noteworthy, the selenium group of participants slightly increased lean mass! People who received selenium supplements changed their body’s composition!

Furthermore, according to the famous CODING study, obesity is associated with low dietary selenium intake. Every increase of 1 mcg of selenium per kg causes 3–6% decrease in the proportion of body fat mass!

Selenium may make you feel more energized

Additionally, adequate amounts of selenium might improve the mood of overweight people.[6] People in a good moon tend to be more active. Even walking is important for losing weight faster. Furthermore, losing weight takes time. Being in a good moon is important for following a low-calorie diet for a long time.

The best source of dietary selenium

Fish, meat, whole cereals, and vegetables are good selenium sources. But, the best source of selenium is Brazil nuts. Just 1 nut has 68–91 mcg of selenium. More than the recommended daily dose! So, you should eat only 1-2 Brazil nuts a day if you want to lose weight. According to studies, up to 150 mcg of selenium a day is beneficial.

Furthermore, adequate amounts of selenium can boost the immune system!

Certainly, you shouldn’t consume more than 400 mcg of selenium a day. Excess selenium may cause weight gain and even can be toxic! Just an ounce of Brazil nuts (6-8) contains about 550 mcg of selenium! Don’t eat too many.