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Bromelain in pineapple can help athletes recover from sport injuries.

Pineapple is the only source of bromelain. This enzyme fights inflammation, speeds up muscle recovery, relieves injured knee and shoulder from pain.

Are foods high in nitrates a natural pre-workout supplement?

Pure beetroot juice and some other veggies are foods high in nitrates. Nitrates deliver oxygen efficiently, acting as a natural pre-workout supplement.

Is maca root powder a good food supplement for building muscle mass?

Maca root powder can help you build muscle mass, improve strength and endurance. So many athletes use this traditional natural food supplement.

Hydration 101: Cucumber vs Tap water vs Isotonic drinks

Cucumber can hydrate you better than water or isotonic drinks, as it's high in electrolytes. Its juice is ideal after running.

Drinking beetroot juice before running has benefits, due to nitrates.

Beets are food that naturally contains high amounts of dietary nitrates. Drinking beetroot juice before running can help you run faster & longer.

Is a banana good for replacing electrolytes after a workout?

Bananas are rich in minerals & electrolytes. A banana can prevent leg cramps, give you energy, and replenish glycogen stores in muscle, for faster recovery.

Which is the most important? Diet or exercise?

Which is the most important? Diet or exercise? There is a clear winner despite everything you listen...