A list of top-20 vegan foods high in arginine!

The best vegan sources of arginine are soy, seeds and nuts! They can provide more than 15 grams of arginine per day, which is considered more than enough.

Why should I eat many foods with arginine?

Arginine is an amino acid. It’s essential for kids. They have to take it from food. On the other hand, adults can synthesize adequate amounts. In any case, eating foods high in arginine is good for our health.

For instance, arginine regulates blood pressure and immune function of the body by helping vascular endothelial and immune cells synthesize nitric oxide. Nitric oxide relaxes blood vessels, and improves the supply of blood flow.[1]

As arginine improves blood flow, a diet high in arginine may help people with erectile dysfunction. Also, it affects the cardiovascular system.[2,3,4]

Furthermore, arginine plays a key role in the synthesis of many hormones. For instance, arginine is necessary for the synthesis of the human growth hormone. Arginine doses of 5–9 grams can significantly increase human growth hormone levels.[5,6]

Moreover, a diet high in arginine has positive effects on blood testosterone.[7]

As arginine is necessary for the synthesis of the human growth hormone and testosterone, it’s believed that a diet high in arginine is good for building muscle mass. Additionally, arginine prevents exercise-induced stress. Also, arginine may prevent lean mass loss while dieting.[8]

Last, but not least, arginine seems to have potent anti-aging properties! Nitric oxide made by arginine stimulates regeneration of the skin and promotes the production of collagen. Additionally, nitric oxide increases blood circulation to the skin.[9]

Common vegan foods high in arginine

Arginine is an amino acid. Therefore, foods from animal sources and especially turkey, beef, and chicken are rich in arginine.

However, we can get high amounts of arginine from plant-based food as well. In fact, vegans and people who follow a plant-based diet can get more than enough arginine from food.

plant-based foodg/100gg/servingfood from
animal sources
soy protein isolate6.71.9gelatin, dry powder6.60.5
pumpkin seeds5.31.5egg, white, dried4.41.2
watermelon seeds4.91.4cod, dried3.83
hemp seeds4.51.4pork, bacon1.93.7
soy flour3.60.2turkey, ground2.35
garlic powder3.40.3lamb2.11.8
sesame seeds3.20.3
sunflower seeds2.40.7
pistachio nuts2.20.6
chia seeds2.10.6
Brazil nuts2.10.6
cashew nuts2.10.6
mustard seeds1.90.04
lentils, cooked0.71.4
A list of vegan foods rich in arginine.

Beans, such as soybeans, lupins, and lentils are good sources of arginine as well.

But, how much arginine do we need daily? Actually, there isn’t a recommended daily intake. As a rule of thumb, taking a daily dose of 15–30 grams seems more than enough for improving health.[10]

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