quinoa is rich in fiber!

Is quinoa rich in fiber?

Quinoa is a great source of fiber. It has 7 g of fiber per 100g. A serving provides 11% of the DV. It’s a great alternative to rice!

how much protein is in raisins?

Do raisins have any protein?

Raisins are poor in protein. They have only 3.3 g of protein per 100g, while a serving provides less than 1 g of protein.

almonds are rich in protein

Are almonds rich in protein?

Almonds are good sources of plant-based protein. They’ve 21.2 g of protein per 100g, or 6 g per serving. But, they aren’t a complete protein!

almonds are low in carbs & sugar

Are almonds high in carbs?

Almonds have only 21 g of carbs per 100g, of which less than 5 g are sugar! People with diabetes & people on keto can enjoy almonds.

almonds are rich in fiber

Are almonds high in fiber?

Almonds are great dietary sources of fiber. They have 12.5 g of fiber per 100g. A serving provides up to 12% of the DV.