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Does broccoli have calcium?

Broccoli has great health benefits, but does it have calcium? How to cook it? Steam, boil or eat it raw in smoothies. Other greens and seeds rich in calcium.

Are bananas high in calcium?

Do bananas have more calcium than other vegan foods? Can a banana help meet the daily calcium requirements for kids and adults?

Vitamins C & D increase the absorption of calcium, protecting our bones.

Do you want strong bones? Consume at least 1000 mg of calcium per day. Eat foods rich in vitamin C & vitamin D, as they increase calcium absorption.

Difference between clementine, mandarin and tangerine.

What are the differences between tangerines, mandarins, clementines, and satsumas? What are the health benefits of mandarin orange and other citrus fruits?

Can vegan food rich in iodine affect thyroid? What about iodized salt?

Iodine is necessary for our health. But iodine toxicity is really dangerous. What are the vegan foods rich in iodine that can affect the thyroid?

Caffeine content in Green tea vs Coffee vs Chocolate.

Is the caffeine content in green, black tea, coffee & chocolate good for you, or is it too much? Which is the richest source of caffeine?

Polyphenols in chocolate. Cocoa content for health benefits

White, milk or dark chocolate for best health benefits? Why polyphenols in chocolate have so powerful anti-aging properties? What cocoa percentage means?

List of common foods rich in polyphenols

In the top 100 list of foods rich in polyphenols is coffee, chocolate, green tea, red wine, & olive oil. We need at least 1000 mg of polyphenols daily.

When should I take vitamin C supplements? Tips for optimum absorption.

What to do for better vitamin C absorption? Are supplements better than food? How much vitamin C can the body absorb at once? When should we take vitamin C?

Is 1,000 mg of vitamin C safe? What dosage is too much?

Vitamin C is known for boosting your immune system. What dosage can cause toxicity, though? Is 1000 mg of vitamin C safe?

A list of top 30 foods high in vitamin C.

What fruits and vegetables have more vitamin C than an orange? How much do we actually need per day? Do we need supplements?

Why we should eat phytate foods?

Phytate in foods is a powerful antioxidant with anti-cancer effects. It's also an antinutrient. How to remove it from phytic acid-rich foods?