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How much fiber in broccoli? Is the dietary fiber content of 1 cup enough?

Is broccoli a good source of fiber? Is the dietary fiber content of 1 cup of broccoli enough to meet our daily fiber needs?

How much fiber in an apple & apple juice?

What's the fiber content of a small, medium, or large apple? We shouldn't peel or juice apples. We lose most of the fiber.

How much fiber in cooked & raw spinach?

Is spinach a good source of dietary fiber? Is 2.2g of fiber per 100g of spinach enough to help me meet the daily recommended fiber dose?

Is dietary fiber in an avocado enough to meet our daily needs?

What's the fiber content of an avocado? California or Florida avocado is the best source of dietary fiber?

How much fiber in brown rice? Is richer than wild or white rice?

Does brown rice contain more fiber than white rice? What's the fiber content of rice bread, rice crackers, rice cake, or rice flour?

How much fiber in a banana? Eat it in a high dietary fiber diet?

What's the fiber content of a banana? Is it good for you to eat bananas? What are the health benefits of a high dietary...

Are fruits high in iron? What about iron absorption?

Only a few fruits are very high in iron. Eat them with foods rich in vitamin C to absorb most iron. What food to avoid? Why prefer dried fruits for a snack?

Vegan foods high in calcium.

Cow's milk isn't the only source of calcium. There are many vegan foods high in calcium. Kale, arugula, beets, soybeans, chia & flax seeds are good sources.

17 common fruits rich in calcium. Why prefer non-dairy sources?

Is cow's milk dangerous for our health? Don't worry. There are so many non-dairy calcium sources. Eat common fruits rich in calcium, to meet the daily value

Does broccoli have calcium?

Broccoli has great health benefits, but does it have calcium? How to cook it? Steam, boil or eat it raw in smoothies. Other greens and seeds rich in calcium.

Are bananas high in calcium?

Do bananas have more calcium than other vegan foods? Can a banana help meet the daily calcium requirements for kids and adults?

Vitamins C & D increase the absorption of calcium, protecting our bones.

Do you want strong bones? Consume at least 1000 mg of calcium per day. Eat foods rich in vitamin C & vitamin D, as they increase calcium absorption.