Health benefits of drinking lemon juice before bed.

Drinking lemon juice before bed has many health benefits. It promotes weight loss, rejuvenates the skin, helps sleep better at night, and reduces the risk of disease.

Lemon juice before bed aids weight loss

First, lemon juice enhances weight loss. It’s pretty low in calories. 1 oz has only 7 calories! Furthermore, 100g of fresh squeezed lemon juice have about 22 calories.[1]

As lemon juice is low in sugars and calories, it helps achieve caloric deficit. It’s vital to consume fewer calories than we burn, in order, to lose weight.

Moreover, lemon juice before bed hydrates us. Water is necessary for fat burn.

Also, drinking lemon juice before dinner can significantly reduce appetite, helping consume fewer calories.

Additionally, lemons are excellent dietary sources of vitamin C. 1 oz of lemon juice has 12 mg of vitamin C. Vitamin C is crucial for weight loss and fat burn!

Therefore, following a diet low in calories and drinking lemon juice before bed helps burn more fat while sleeping.

Lemon juice before bed is a much better option, as compared to other beverages high in vitamin C, such as orange juice or apple juice.

Drink lemon juice before bed for a rejuvenated skin

Furthermore, lemon juice before bed is good for the skin!

First, vitamin C is beneficial for the skin. For instance, it’s crucial for collagen synthesis.

Collagen is abundant in the skin. It plays a key role in skin elasticity, and thickness. Also, collagen can reduce the signs of skin-aging, such as age spots and wrinkles!

Moreover, lemon juice can reduce oxidative stress in the skin, due to its superior antioxidant content. Lemon juice is particularly high in flavonoids, and phenolic acids.[2,3]

Add lemon juice to chamomile tea to sleep better at night

Additionally, you could add lemon juice to your chamomile tea! The delicate flavor of lemon juice makes chamomile tea taste better. Also, it’s commonly used to treat a sore throat.

The best time to drink chamomile tea with lemon juice is before bed, as it can significantly improve sleep quality. Especially, elderly people.[4,5]

Chamomile tea is an effective, safe, and cheap way to help people with anxiety and insomnia, sleep better at night!

Also, chamomile tea may relieve an upset stomach, and promote digestion.[6]

Moreover, chamomile tea is among the richest sources of fluoride. This mineral prevents tooth decay, as it promotes their mineralization. Last, but not least, chamomile tea is good for the skin.

Lemon may lower cholesterol levels

Furthermore, antioxidants in lemon may lower blood lipids, and reduce insulin levels in the blood. Also, lemon juice can lower cholesterol and prevent fat accumulation in the body.[3]

Lemon peels have these beneficial effects as well.[7]

Therefore, it seems beneficial to drink lemon juice before bed, especially, if you have a high-calorie, fatty dinner!

Adding lemon juice and garlic to your dinner seems to have extra health benefits. The combination of lemon juice with garlic may further lower LDL cholesterol, lipid levels, and systolic/diastolic blood pressure.[8]

Lemon may reduce the risk of heart disease

Most noteworthy, lemon juice is good for the heart. Its high flavonoid content protects us from cardiovascular disease.

In fact, flavonoids in lemon juice and other citrus fruits reduce oxidative stress, and inflammation. Also, improve endothelial function, arterial blood pressure, and lipid metabolism.[9]

Lemon juice may reduce the risk of certain cancers

Additionally, lemon juice has antitumor properties. It may reduce the risk of certain cancers, such as breast cancer.[10,11]

Lemon peels, along with other citrus peels, have potent anticancer agents as well.[12]

Is drinking lemon juice before bed bad for your teeth?

Although drinking lemon juice before bed has many healthy benefits, it can damage your teeth. Lemon juice can cause enamel erosion and tooth decay, as it’s very acidic.

So, you should drink lemon juice using a straw. This way, the juice won’t come close to your teeth. It’ll go directly into the throat.

Furthermore, you should rinse your month with water.

Don’t brush your teeth or use mouthwash right after drinking any fruit juice. You can damage the enamel. It’s pretty vulnerable for at least one hour after exposure to the acid of fruit juice.[13]