Oatmeal has a great protein content.

Is oatmeal rich in protein?

Oatmeal is a good source of high-quality protein. A serving contains about 5.4 g of protein. Add milk & seeds to boost its protein content.

are carrots high in protein?

How much protein in carrots?

All carrot products, like carrot juice & dehydrated carrots, contain protein. Boiled carrots contain the least amount of protein.

How much protein in rice?

Is rice rich in protein?

Rice has decent amounts of protein. White rice contains about 3.5 g per cup, while brown & wild rice have almost twice more protein!

What's the protein content of honey?

Is honey rich in protein?

Honey contains negligible amounts of protein. It contains less than 0.1g of protein per tbsp. Calories come almost 100% from sugars.

What's the protein content of chocolate?

Is chocolate high in protein?

Chocolate contains modest amounts of protein. A small 1oz serving contains 1.74g of protein. Dark chocolate has the highest amount of protein!