Papaya is rich in vitamin C.

Papaya is high in vitamin C!

Papaya is pretty rich in vitamin C. A serving has 88 mg of vitamin C, which is almost 100% of the recommended daily dose!

What's the vitamin C content of honey?

Is honey rich in vitamin C?

Honey has negligible amounts of vitamin C. A tbsp has only 0.1 mg. But, honey can significantly increase vitamin C levels in the body!

potatoes are high in vitamin C

Are potatoes rich in vitamin C?

Potatoes are rich in vitamin C. A serving of smashed/baked potatoes, French fries or potato chips, contains up to 20 mg or 22% DV!

vitamin C content in bananas

Are bananas high in vitamin C?

Banana isn’t the richest food in vitamin C. But, as many people consume it regularly, it helps meet the daily required dose!

vitamin C in apple

How much vitamin C in an apple?

An apple contains about 8 mg of vitamin C, or up to 10% DV. Prefer eating organic apples, as the skin is the richest part in vitamin C!