Best time to eat turkey sandwich for weight loss

You can eat a turkey sandwich for weight loss:

  • at breakfast
  • at dinner
  • after exercise
  • as a snack between meals

Eat a turkey sandwich at breakfast for weight loss

The best time to eat a turkey sandwich is at breakfast. It can keep you full for many hours. So, it can help you reduce total energy intake.

Protein, fiber, and water have the highest satiating score![1]

A turkey sandwich is high in protein and fiber!


Turkey sandwich promotes satiety, as it’s high in protein. Ground turkey has about 27.4 grams of protein per 100g, or 4.4 grams of protein per slice.

Moreover, toasted bread has up to 13 grams of protein per 100g. A slice has about 2.6 grams of protein.

Cheese is also high in protein. For instance, a slice of cheddar cheese has 4 grams of protein!

So, a turkey sandwich has almost 14 grams of protein!

Besides satiety, following a diet high in protein is beneficial for weight loss because protein increases thermogenesis. About 30% of protein is lost during digestion!

Fiber in whole wheat bread

Prefer eating a turkey sandwich with whole grain bread in the morning for weight loss. Whole grain bread is more filling because it has more protein and substantially more fiber than white bread! In addition, it has a higher nutritional value.

White bread in sandwiches and toasts can make you gain weight.

How to eat turkey sandwich for weight loss?

You could drink a glass of water with your favorite turkey sandwich in order to lose weight. Water promotes satiety. Especially when consumed with a high-fiber meal. It helps expand fiber in the stomach!

Also, proper hydration is necessary for belly fat burning.

Furthermore, you could eat your favorite turkey sandwich with a glass of orange, pineapple, pomegranate, or any other juice. The best time to drink fruit juices is in the morning, as they’re particularly high in sugar and vitamin C:

  • sugar is stored as muscle glycogen when consumed in the morning
  • vitamin C protects the body from oxidative stress due to sun radiation or air pollution

Also, we could eat a turkey sandwich with milk or coffee.

Eat a turkey sandwich as a snack between meals

Furthermore, a great time to eat a turkey sandwich for weight loss is between meals. Turkey sandwich has a great nutritional value. It contains compounds that increase metabolism and help burn belly fat.

1 slice
2 slices
total% DV
selenium (mcg)416.720.738%
niacin (mg)
thiamine (mg)00.20.219%
riboflavin (mg)00.20.218%
zinc (mg)
vitamin B6 (mg)
vitamin B12 (mcg)0.300.311%
pantothenic acid (mg)
magnesium (mg)4.129.533.68%
choline (mg)1111.122.14%
Nutritional value of a turkey sandwich.[2]


First, turkey sandwich supports weight loss because it’s particularly rich in selenium. Just a sandwich provides 38% of the recommended daily intake. Adequate intakes of selenium are important for weight loss. Selenium has been associated with a lean body. Obese people tend to have lower levels of selenium.[3]


Moreover, turkey sandwich is an excellent dietary source of niacin. It provides 27% of the Daily Value. High niacin intakes are necessary for weight loss. Actually, whole grains are among the richest plant-based foods in niacin.


If you want to lose weight or follow a healthier diet, eat turkey sandwiches with whole wheat bread. Whole grains are among the richest foods in thiamine.

Thiamine is involved in energy metabolism. Overweight people who want to lose weight may benefit from high thiamine dosages.


Riboflavin also plays a key role in weight loss. It’s involved in carbohydrate, fat, and protein metabolism. Obese people on diet have higher daily needs!

Turkey is a poor dietary source of riboflavin. But, you could eat a turkey sandwich with egg, whole grain seed bread to boost riboflavin intake. Eggs, seeds, and grains are great natural sources of riboflavin.


Turkey contains moderate amounts of zinc as well. Other meats are also good sources of zinc. Eat whole grain seed bread to increase zinc intake. Seeds are among the richest vegan foods in zinc!

Zinc plays an effective role in weight loss. High zinc intakes, as part of a well-balanced diet, have favorable effects in reducing insulin resistance and appetite in individuals with obesity.[4]

Vitamin B12

Turkey is a great dietary source of vitamin B12. A serving provides 11% of the Daily Value. It’s important to get high doses of vitamin B12 per day in order to lose weight. Vitamin B12 deficiency is more common in obese individuals.[5]

In fact, vitamin B12 is common in people who follow a plant-based diet. There aren’t many vegan foods high in vitamin B12.

You can add a boiled egg to your sandwich. Eggs are high in vitamin B12.

Moreover, certain cheeses contribute to the daily vitamin B12 intake. You could add them to your favorite recipe of turkey sandwich.

Chicken sandwiches are rich in vitamin B12 as well.

A great time to eat turkey sandwich is at dinner

Moreover, a great time to eat a turkey sandwich is at dinner.

Turkey is high in tryptophan and other compounds that promote a good night’s sleep. People who sleep better at night have a lower risk of obesity.

However, you shouldn’t eat a turkey sandwich right before bedtime. It can lead to digestive issues, obesity, and a poor sleep quality. Actually, the best time to eat dinner is a couple of hours before bedtime.

You can eat a turkey sandwich as a post-workout meal

Moreover, as turkey sandwich is high in protein and high-quality carbs, athletes can consume it as a post-workout meal. Athletes and active people require high dosages of both carbs and protein after exercise. Carbs promote muscle recovery, whereas protein stimulates muscle hypertrophy.

In addition, turkey sandwich provides athletes with many important vitamins and minerals for athletic performance, like magnesium, iron, zinc, and vitamin B12.

What’s the worst time of the day to eat a turkey sandwich?

We shouldn’t eat a turkey sandwich right before exercise. Fiber in bread may cause bloating or discomfort. Protein and fat in turkey may delay digestion as well.

How many turkey sandwiches can I eat a day for weight loss?

Certainly, you should eat only a turkey sandwich a day if you want to lose weight. More can make you gain weight.

Most noteworthy, according to World Health Organization (WHO), the consumption of processed meat is carcinogenic to humans! Therefore, we should eat only small amounts of cured, salted, or smoked turkey. So, prefer eating home cooked, unprocessed turkey. It’s healthier.[5]

Another great healthy snack for weight loss is tuna sandwich. It contains no cholesterol or saturated fat.

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