Are breadsticks good for weight loss?

Are breadsticks good for weight loss?

Breadsticks can be an easy snack but you shouldn’t depend on them for losing weight, as they are high in calories. Just a medium breadstick may contain more than 40 calories! There are healthier snacks for losing weight.

What should do to lose weight fast?

The only rule for losing weight is caloric deficit. You should consume fewer calories than you burn! Being active, walking or running can really help you lose weight fast.

Certainly, you should consume fewer calories than you burn. For instance, you can run for 1 hour to burn 600 calories. If you eat a huge 2,000-calorie meal you’ll gain weight, no matter how hard you exercised. Caloric deficit is the key for losing weight.

Are breadsticks a low-calorie snack?

People eat breadsticks, as an easy low-calorie snack. But, it isn’t the case. Breadsticks are high in calories. 100g of breadsticks contain about 410 calories! Just a medium breadstick contains more than 40 calories.[1]

Just for comparison, 100g of pretzels contain 380 calories, and a slice of bread contains about 75 calories and a rice cake 35 calories.[2]

Why are breadsticks so high in calories? Because, most breadsticks contain high amounts of fat! Fat makes breadsticks more delicious. Therefore, most breadsticks contain about 13-22g of fat per 100g! That’s about 120-200 calories!

Furthermore, breadsticks may contain extra sugar for flavor! Sugar has no nutritional value. It’s just extra calories.

So, breadsticks aren’t a low-calorie snack. Actually, breadsticks are high in fat. Food companies use cheap vegetable oils to make their products taste better! But, every vegetable oil is bad for losing weight, as they’re the most calorie-dense food on the planet. Just a tablespoon of any vegetable oil contains about 120 calories!

How many breadsticks can I eat?

If you want to lose weight, you shouldn’t eat more than 4-5 breadsticks a day. That’s about 200 calories!

On the other hand, eating just a couple of breadsticks isn’t an easy task. Most people consume much more, without even realizing it. So, maybe it’s better for you to avoid eating breadsticks, altogether. There are much healthier snack options, if you want to lose weight fast!

Are breadsticks a healthy snack?

Certainly, breadsticks made from refined flour aren’t good for you. They’re high in calories, but low in nutrients.

On the contrary, you should prefer whole wheat breadsticks, as they’re a healthier snack option. 100g of whole wheat breadsticks contain 13g of protein, 7g of fiber, 4 mg of iron, 263 mg of phosphorus, 250 mg of potassium and 2.16 mg of zinc.

Therefore, whole wheat breadsticks are good for you, as they’re good sources of protein, dietary fiber and other micronutrients. But, you shouldn’t consume too many if you want to lose weight fast. They’re high in calories, as well.

What is the best low-calorie snack?

Do you want an easy to carry snack? Prefer fruits, such as bananas and apples. They’re more nutritious than breadsticks. Moreover, apples and bananas are low in calories and also they keep you full for a longer time!

1 medium banana or 1 medium apple have about 100 calories, each. Therefore, you can eat 1 banana and a whole apple to get the same calories, as from 5 breadsticks. Certainly, fruits are the best option for your health and for losing weight.