Can lentils make me gain weight?

lentils & weight gain

Lentils won’t make you fat, as they’re low in calories. Furthermore, they’re pretty high in protein, fiber and compounds that burn fat! You’ll gain weight when you eat more calories than you burn. Bread and vegetable oils are high in calories. So, avoid eating them with lentils, if you want to lose weight.

When do I gain weight?

We gain weight when we consume more calories than we burn. So, we can lose weight, when we eat fewer calories, or burn more. Certainly, the combination of diet and exercise is the fastest way to lose weight.

How many calories do lentils have?

Lentils won’t make you gain weight, as they’re pretty low in calories. 100g of cooked lentils have only 114 calories. Furthermore, a serving of lentils has no more than 230 calories.[1] Lentils are the beans with the fewest calories. Second only to fava beans!

Lentils are good for weight loss, as they regulate appetite

Additionally, lentils are good for weight loss, as they keep us full for a long time. Mainly, due to their high fiber content. A serving of lentils has 15.6g of dietary fiber. That’s about 55% DV (Daily Value).

Fiber regulates appetite, and it’s vital for normal body weight. Most noteworthy, fiber deficiency has been associated with increased risk of obesity.

Furthermore, lentils are good for weight loss, as they have a pretty low glycemic load of 5.[2] Foods with low glycemic load help us lose more body fat. They don’t increase insulin, as much. On the contrary, constant insulin spikes in a day may lead to weight gain.

Can lentils make me fat?

Lentils won’t make you fat. On the contrary, eating high amounts of other calorie-dense foods can certainly make you gain weight.

Above all, avoid excess vegetable oil. Vegetable oil is among the most fattening foods, you can eat in a day. A tbsp of any vegetable oils contains about 120 calories. You should limit the consumption of vegetable oils to the minimum, if you want to lose weight. Even healthy oils, such as olive oil, contain 120 calories per tbsp!

Moreover, if you don’t want to gain weight, avoid excess consumption of bread. As a rule of thumb, eat up to 2 thin slices of bread a day. High amounts of bread can make you fat.

Are lentils good for weight loss?

Certainly, lentils are good for weight loss.

Keep in mind that lentils aren’t complete protein, though. We need complete protein to preserve lean mass when dieting. Muscle mass is vital for good metabolism. So, we should combine lentils with cereals, such as barley or rice to have a meal with complete protein. So, eating up to 2 slices of whole wheat bread with lentils is good for you. Whole cereals provide the amino acids that lentils lack!

Last, but not least, it’s easy to cook lentils. You haven’t to soak them the day before. They’re ready in minutes! There are many easy recipes for lentil soups, or lentils in salads. Lentils are low in calories, but high in protein and fiber. You could eat them every day. They’re perfect for weight loss and for good health.