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What dosage of vitamin D can fight depression?

Vitamin D deficiency is pretty common and may cause depression! A daily dosage up to 10,000 IU of vitamin D may help you deal with depression!

Can foods rich in lycopene prevent hair loss?

Lycopene is a carotenoid which may prevent premature hair loss. Eat tomatoes, ketchup & grapefruits to keep your hair strong, thick & healthy!

Does vitamin D make you poop?

Vitamin D supplements or skin exposure to sunlight could help you poop, as vitamin D deficiency has been linked to constipation.

Is orange juice good for constipation?

Orange juice helps you poop, as it hydrates you & contains up to 1g of fiber per glass. Eating whole oranges is even better for constipation!

Benefits of orange juice for the skin!

Drinking a 8oz orange juice a day is good for the skin, as it provides 100% DV of vitamin C, which protects the skin from UV radiation & aging!

Can coffee cause kidney stones?

Coffee is good for kidney stones, as it contains caffeine, potassium, and other compounds which decrease the risk of kidney stones formation.

Is selenium in Brazil nuts good for fertility?

Brazil nuts are the richest source of selenium which is vital for increased male & female fertility! Just 1 nut a day has enough dosage!

Does eating Brazil nuts can cause hair loss?

Brazil nuts are super-rich in selenium. Although, selenium is good for healthy hair, excess selenium leads to hair loss. Eat only 1 nut daily!

How many walnuts a day for good brain health?

Walnuts may be good for Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and overall brain health, as they're rich in omega-3s, vitamin E & antioxidants.

Benefits of drinking lemon water in the morning for hair growth!

Lemon water may promote fast hair growth & prevent graying. Also, vitamin C & other antioxidants are vital for healthy and strong hair!

Why are walnuts so good for thick hair that grows fast?

Walnuts contain omega-3s, vitamin E, selenium & biotin. All key vitamins for healthy thick hair. 1 handful a day is enough for hair growth.

Flaxseeds & other omega-3-rich foods for hair growth!

Foods rich in omega-3s are good for hair growth. Flaxseeds are the best source of omega-3s. So, flaxseeds are good for thick & healthy hair.