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Health benefits of microgreens, due to their superior nutritional value.

Microgreens are up to 260 times richer in nutrients than mature plants. The health benefits are astonishing. They may protect from cancer or heart diseases

How to use lemongrass for optimum health benefits?

You can use lemongrass essential oil & tea against high blood pressure, cancer, insomnia, and high cholesterol. Also, it can protect your teeth and skin.

Amla powder speeds up muscle recovery after exercise & fights fatigue.

Amla powder is a natural supplement. It speeds up recovery after exercise, as it fights fatigue effectively. Ideal for runners, athletes & active persons

Wheatgrass health benefits, due to the high chlorophyll content.

Wheatgrass is also known as "green blood", as it's 70% chlorophyll. Chlorophyll increases oxygen supply to muscles, detoxes body, and fights free radicals.

What is agave nectar & syrup? Why it’s bad for you?

Agave nectar has marketed as a healthy natural sweeter. But, it's the highest food in fructose, causing weight gain, cholesterol & heart problems.

Did you know that bell peppers have more vitamin C than orange juice?

Orange juice is a good source of vitamin C. But bell peppers are richer in vitamin C. What about other peppers varieties?

Did you know that cauliflower has more vitamin C than orange juice?

Vitamin C is important for our health and the immune system. But orange juice isn't the best option. Cauliflower is 160% richer in vitamin C.

Can foods high in vitamin C protect us from the flu, cold, or coronaviruses?

Vitamin C boosts the immune system and affects respiratory infections, such as the flu and cold. What's better? Supplements or foods high in vitamin C?

Is broccoli a good source of vitamin C?

Did you know that broccoli is really rich in vitamin C? What's the best way to cook it in order, to preserve most of the nutrients?

Do carrots actually protect your eyesight?

What's the truth behind the myth? Carrots are rich in carotenoids. Especially, beta-carotene, lutein and zeaxanthin. So, can they protect eyesight?

Foods rich in lutein, zeaxanthin & beta-carotene are good for our eyesight.

You can protect and improve your eyesight with food. List of TOP 30 foods rich in lutein, zeaxanthin, and beta-carotene you should eat for good eyesight.

Can olive leaf extract boost the immune system? All the health benefits.

Olive leaf extract is rich in oleuropein, a powerful phytochemical. Boosts the immune system, protects the heart, lowers blood pressure, fights the flu...