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Zinc in whole peanuts & peanut butter!

Are peanuts a good source of zinc? What about peanut butter? What's the best choice? Should we consume peanut butter daily?

How much zinc in almonds & almond milk?

100g of almonds contain 3.21 mg of zinc. That's 34% of our daily zinc needs! Also, fortified almond milk contains about 3 mg per serving.

Health benefits of eating foods high in zinc!

Zinc deficiency can cause hair loss, infertility, cancer, diabetes, acne & depression... Foods high in zinc are vital to the human body.

Can diet improve and protect your eyesight naturally?

Food can provide unique carotenoids and other antioxidants, so powerful that can protect or even improve our eyesight. Eyes need more than vitamin A...

What foods are rich in vitamin K?

What are the most Vitamin K rich foods? Why should we consume them daily? What's the best diet to follow? Can Vitamin K deficiency occur on a vegan diet?

Vitamin K supplementation during pregnancy

How necessary is vitamin K supplementation through pregnancy? Can deficiency cause problems for mum or fetus? What foods a pregnant woman should eat.

Can you have a life extension with vitamin K?

Vitamin K is necessary for the human body as it controls many operations. Vitamin K controls blood coagulation, preventing osteoporosis, and promotes cardiovascular health. But can we say that we'll have a life extension with vitamin K?

How much vitamin K per day? Why vitamin K is good for you?

We need vitamin K for a healthy heart, brain, bones, liver, etc. So, how much vitamin K per day should we consume? What foods are rich in vitamin K?