Do I need arginine supplements for muscle growth?

Arginine supports muscle growth, as it:

  • stimulates protein synthesis
  • is necessary for the production of testosterone, creatine & growth hormone
  • boosts blood volume in the muscles
  • promotes muscle recovery
  • is involved in energy metabolism
  • decreases plasma lactate concentration
  • enhances oxygen consumption

Arginine for muscle growth!

Arginine is an amino acid. Healthy adults can synthesize it. But, getting high amounts of arginine from food may be beneficial for building muscle mass, or preserving lean body mass while dieting.

Above all, arginine regulates blood pressure and immune function of the body by helping vascular endothelial and immune cells synthesize nitric oxide. Nitric oxide relaxes blood vessels, and improves the supply of blood flow.[1]

So, arginine may increase muscle pump during resistance exercise. It may increase blood flow and enhance the metabolic response of the exercising muscle.

According to a study, arginine can increase muscle blood volume during recovery![2]

Furthermore, as arginine can increase blood flow, it may increase nutrient support to the muscles, helping athletes train harder.[3]

Moreover, arginine seems to stimulate protein synthesis in the muscle tissue. Also, it plays a role in the regulation of protein anabolism in muscle. In addition, arginine is an essential amino acid that is important for nitrogen and energy metabolism.[4,5]

Additionally, arginine stimulates the release of the human growth hormone, and it’s crucial for the synthesis of testosterone. Also, it’s involved in the synthesis of creatine.[6]

High testosterone levels are necessary for muscle growth, as testosterone increases muscle protein synthesis. Also, testosterone is beneficial for improving body composition. It helps the body increase lean body mass, while decreasing fat mass. It’s a powerful anabolic hormone.[7,8]

Finally, arginine may enhance maximal oxygen consumption and decrease plasma lactate concentration during exercise![6]

Arginine is good for muscle recovery!

Most noteworthy, arginine helps athletes build muscle mass because it may reduce recovery time after strenuous exercise. Arginine prevents exercise-induced stress.

In fact, arginine speeds up the removal of waste products of metabolism after exercise, significantly improving muscle recovery! Mainly due to increased blood flow. For instance, lactic acid, which is produced during intense physical activity, may cause discomfort or pain.

Moreover, arginine has antioxidant properties. It can neutralize exercise-induced free radicals! Athletes should get high amounts of vitamin C as well, as it also has potent antioxidants properties.

Moreover, strenuous exercise decreases amino acid concentrations in the muscles. Eating foods high in arginine and other essential amino acids is vital for muscle growth and faster muscle recovery.

How much arginine per day to build muscle mass?

According to a study, a daily arginine dose of 2 grams from supplements could increase the sport performance in male athletes.[9]

Moreover, an arginine dose of 3 grams from supplements may increase muscle strength and mass![6]

We can get this dose from 2 handfuls of seeds or nuts, though! Actually, we can get high doses of arginine from food. Many animal and plant-based foods are high in arginine.

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