Bell peppers are good for weight loss & fat burning.

Bell peppers support weight loss, as they’re low in calories, reduce appetite, and contain compounds, such as vitamins A, C, D and carotenoids, which burn belly fat!

How many calories in a bell pepper?

Above all, bell peppers are good for weight loss because they’re pretty low in calories. They contain only 26 calories per 100g. A medium bell pepper has about 31 calories. A large bell pepper has about 42 calories![1]

Moreover, as all pepper varieties are particularly low in carbs, they’re great for a ketogenic diet. People with type 2 diabetes can regularly eat them as well.

Bell peppers reduce appetite

Also, bell peppers can reduce appetite for a long time, as they’re particularly high in fiber.

A diet high in fiber significantly reduces the risk of obesity and other chronic diseases.[2]

Unfortunately, most people fail to consume adequate amounts. Eating many vegetables, fruits, beans, and whole cereal is the best way to boost your daily fiber intake!

Additionally, peppers are pretty high in water. They’re 92% water. Foods high in water, fiber, and protein tend to have the highest satiating effect.[3]

So, consuming peppers with foods high in protein, like beans, can control hunger! Peppers are low in protein. A bell pepper has up to 1.6 g of protein.

How to eat bell pepper for weight loss?

In addition, bell peppers are an excellent dietary source of vitamin C. Bell peppers are among the richest foods in vitamin C.

High vitamin C intake is crucial for weight loss! Vitamin C improves insulin sensitivity, reduces appetite, and fights oxidative stress which can lead to obesity!

Prefer to eat raw bell peppers. They’re great in salads or sandwiches. Vitamin C is very vulnerable to heat. Cooking destroys it.

Vitamin A & carotenoids in peppers enhance weight loss!

Furthermore, bell peppers are good for weight loss because they have a high antioxidant content. They’re particularly rich in carotenoids!

High carotenoid levels are crucial for losing body weight. Obese people have low blood concentrations of carotenoids.[4]

Carotenoids are compounds that protect us from oxidative stress. Chronic oxidative stress can lead to obesity!

Moreover, overweight people have a higher risk of developing oxidative stress, due to a higher amount of fat tissue!

Red bell peppers have the highest antioxidant activity! Actually, they contain more carotenoids, phenols, and flavonoids than other peppers. Green, yellow, and orange bell peppers have a much lower antioxidant content.[5]

vitamin A (IU)beta-carotene (mcg)lutein
& zeaxanthin (mcg)
vitamin E (mg)
Antioxidant content of different bell pepper varieties (per 100g).

For instance, red bell peppers are pretty high in vitamin A. Vitamin A is vital for burning body fat for energy! Also, it improves insulin sensitivity.[6]

In fact, carotenoids, such as beta-carotene, lutein and zeaxanthin have been linked to a lower Body Mass Index (BMI).[7]

Other common foods, which are good for weight loss, due to their high carotenoid content, are carrots, spinach, and tomatoes!

Vitamin E in peppers burns fat

Moreover, red bell peppers are an excellent dietary source of vitamin E. In fact, red bell peppers and spinach are among the highest vegetables in vitamin E. Bell peppers contain 1.58 mg of vitamin E per 100g. A large bell pepper contains up to 2.6 mg of vitamin E, or 17% of the DV.

Vitamin E is important for weight loss. It improves insulin sensitivity, reduces oxidative stress and inflammation.

Seeds and nuts, such as sunflower seeds, almondspistachios, and hazelnuts, are also great sources of vitamin E. But, they’re calorie-dense foods. You shouldn’t consume more than 1-2 handfuls a day, if you want to lose weight.

Capsaicin burns belly fat

Additionally, peppers may burn more body fat, as they contain capsaicin.

Capsaicin is a chemical which causes a burning sensation. According to many studies, capsaicin is highly beneficial for weight loss! It increases satiety, boosts metabolism, prevents the development of new fat tissue, and enhances fat burning![8]

But, bell peppers contain none or negligible amounts of capsaicin. You should prefer hot chili peppers in order to burn more belly fat. Jalapeño, cayenne, and Tabasco are popular peppers containing high amounts of capsaicin.[9]

Red, green, or yellow bell peppers burn more fat?

Actually, all bell peppers are good for weight loss. They’re pretty low in calories and keep us full for a long time. You should eat all of them! But, red bell peppers are the richest bell pepper in carotenoids, and vitamins A, C & E. Certainly, they’re the best option for weight loss, and losing belly fat!