How to cook eggplant to lose weight fast?

How many calories does eggplant have?

Eggplants are good for helping you lose weight. Firstly, they’re 92% water. Also, they’re particularly high in fiber, as they have 3g of fiber per 100g. Above all, eggplants are pretty low in calories. They have only 25 calories per 100g. Therefore, eating eggplant can help you lose weight easily, as it keeps you full for a long time with only a few calories.

Practically, a big eggplant has about 140 calories.

Nutritional value of eggplant

Eggplant is a veggie low in calories, but high in water, fiber, protein, and nutrients! It’s ideal food for losing weight without diet!

A whole eggplant contains more than 16g of fiber! This is amazing! The daily recommended dose of fiber is 25-30g. Most people fail to consume even 15g a day.

Adequate amounts of fiber intake are vital for losing weight. Consuming foods high in fiber decreases total calorie intake. Fiber of eggplant can keep you full for a long time. Hence, fiber promotes weigh loss.[1] Eggplant is a great source of fiber. It provides more than 60% DV (Daily Value).

100g1 whole
water (g)92506
protein (g)0,985.37
carbs (g)5.932.2
fiber (g)316.4
sugars (g)3.519.3
calcium (mg)949.3
iron (mg)0.231.26
magnesium (mg)1476.7
phosphorus (mg)24132
potassium (mg)2291250
zinc (mg)0.160.9
copper (mg)0.080.44
selenium (mcg)0.31.64
Nutritional value of eggplant.[2]

Additionally, eggplant is high in protein (5.37g), calcium (49 mg), iron (1.26 mg), magnesium (76.7 mg), phosphorus (132 mg), and potassium (1250 mg).

Eggplant benefits for weight loss

Firstly, eggplant is good for losing weight, as it has a particularly low glycemic index of 38.[3] Foods with a glycemic index lower than 55 are considered good for dieting and don’t cause an instant spike of your blood sugar. So, eggplants are ideal for people with diabetes and people who want to lose weight without diet.

Furthermore, eggplant is good for losing weight as it’s high in water. Water is essential for the body to burn fat effectively. Also, proper hydration is necessary for good metabolism. We lose water through sweating, breath and urine. So, we should daily replenish water loss. Most people need about 8 glasses of water for proper hydration.

A big eggplant has about 500g of water! Certainly, fruits and vegetables are the best way to hydration. Firstly, they contain the purest water ever, as veggies and fruits are natural water filters! Secondly, eggplant contains lots of electrolytes. We lose electrolytes when sweating, so eating foods rich in them is vital for proper hydration.

Other great foods and beverages that hydrate you properly are watermelons, cucumbers, kiwis, orange juice, and water lemon.

Most noteworthy, eggplants have powerful antioxidants which protect us from DNA damage and mutations. Hence, eating eggplants is good for protecting from chronic diseases, such as cancer![4] Moreover, antioxidants protect from chronic inflammation which has been linked to a high risk of obesity.

How to cook eggplant to lose weight?

You can bake, air-fry, or grill eggplant. Whatever the recipe, eggplants are good for losing weight. Eggplant is filling food with low calories and lots of nutrients. But most eggplant recipes will make you gain weight. Why? Because they contain other calorie-dense ingredients, such as vegetable oils, butter, cheese, heavy cream etc.

You need to be on a caloric deficit to lose weight. This means that you have to consume fewer calories than your body burns. Although eggplant is pretty low in calories, all the other fatty ingredients aren’t. For instance, all vegetable oils contain about 120 calories per tbsp! Even the healthiest ones.

Try to use lots of herbs and spices to flavor eggplant fries. Also, you can use low-calorie dressings, such as mustard.

Other great foods for losing weight, without diet, are popcorn and cabbage! They’re filling foods, low in calories, but pretty high in fiber. You can even eat them late at night, without gaining weight.