What’s the best time to drink soy milk for weight loss?

Soy milk is packed with protein and minerals. It’s a great plant-based alternative to cow’s milk. The best time to drink soy milk is at breakfast, after exercise, or late at night.

Is soy milk good for weight loss?

Soy milk is a great beverage for weight loss. It has a great nutritional value.

Above all, soy milk is good for weight loss because it has fewer calories than cow’s milk. We lose weight only when we consume fewer calories than we burn.

Actually, soy milk has up to 49% fewer calories than cow’s milk! A glass of soy milk has only 103 calories.

Not all soy products are low in calories, though. We should consume them in moderation. Despite their high calorie content, soy foods support weight loss.

The best time to drink soy milk is at breakfast

Soy milk is particularly rich in protein. A glass of soy milk contains about 7 g of high-quality complete protein![1]

Foods rich in protein, fiber, and water are more satiating.[2]

For instance, oatmeal with soy milk is a super filling breakfast. Oatmeal is pretty rich in protein and fiber as well.

You could add a scoop of soy protein isolate, if you really want to increase your daily protein intake.

Soy milk or cow’s milk for breakfast?

Cow’s milk is also rich in protein. A glass provides more than 8 g of protein. Most noteworthy, cow’s milk has high-quality protein. It’s bioavailable and contains all essential amino acids.

However, cow’s milk is particularly high in saturated fatty acids. High consumption of saturated fat can significantly increase the risk of heart disease and stroke. According to the American Heart Association, we shouldn’t consume more than 13 g of saturated fat a day.[3]

A glass of 2% milk contains 2.7 g (20% DV) of saturated fat, while a glass of whole milk contains 4.6 g (35% DV) of saturated fat.

Cow’s milk, cheese, butter, meat, and fried foods are the main dietary sources of saturated fat in the standard Western diet.

On the other hand, soy milk consists mainly of polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are beneficial for the heart when eaten in moderation.

Moreover, most soy milks are particularly rich in calcium, iron, and vitamin B12. Hence, soy milk could be a great plant-based alternative to cow’s milk.

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Drink soy milk after exercise

Another great time to drink soy milk is after a workout.

Every post-workout meal has to be rich in protein. Even endurance athletes need to consume protein after a race. Protein consumption after exercise maximizes glycogen synthesis and reduces muscle recovery time. Also, it’s essential for building muscle mass.

You could add soy milk or soy protein isolate to your post workout smoothie.

Moreover, soy milk can hydrate the body after strenuous exercise. Soy milk is pretty rich in electrolytes.

When we sweat, we lose more than water. We lose electrolytes as well. The main electrolytes are sodium, chloride, potassium, magnesium, and calcium.

A glass of soy milk contains about 388 mg (38% Daily Value) of calcium, 295 mg (8.6% DV) of potassium, and 44 mg (10% DV) of magnesium!

Can I drink soy milk before bed?

In addition, a great time to drink soy milk is before bed. Drinking soy milk at night might help you sleep! Soy is packed with minerals that improve sleep quality.

Short sleep duration, insomnia, or other sleep disorders have been linked to increased risk of weight gain, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.[4]

You could consume other soy foods for dinner as well. Not only, whole soy foods are rich in minerals, they’re also particularly rich in fiber.