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Green tea for diabetes or Coffee?Polyphenols and antioxidant content

Want to control and prevent diabetes naturally? Black or green tea may be the best ally. They contain the powerful polyphenols and phytochemicals you need.

When should I take vitamin C supplements? Tips for optimum absorption.

What to do for better vitamin C absorption? Are supplements better than food? How much vitamin C can the body absorb at once? When should we take vitamin C?

Home remedies for flu and cold. Symptoms and treatment.

What are the symptoms of flu and cold this year? Natural treatment and home remedies for kids. How effective is vitamin C? What's the best soup for cold?

Impact of phytate in health. Eat phytic acid foods?

Phytate in foods is a powerful antioxidant with anti-cancer effects. It's also an antinutrient. How to remove it from phytic acid-rich foods?

Eating foods high in zinc is good for the skin & acne.

Diet is vital for a glowing & young skin. Eat lots of foods rich in zinc and vitamin A, as they are good for acne, wound healing, and overall skin care.

Why a plant-based diet won’t cause vitamin A toxicity?

Why vitamin A toxicity is so dangerous? Forms of vitamin A? What foods are rich in beta-carotene and retinol? Should you take vitamin A supplements?

Prevent age-related macular degeneration.

How to prevent age-related macular degeneration and other vision diseases? What vitamin supplements to take? The best diet to follow...

Why eating foods high in zinc is good for the body?

Zinc deficiency can cause hair loss, infertility, cancer, diabetes, acne & depression... Foods high in zinc are vital to the human body.

Do sunglasses expire?

Do sunglasses expire? How often should you replace them? How to clean lenses properly? Mistakes to avoid to protect your eyesight.

Can sunglasses protect against UV and blue light?

Can sunglasses protect you from the dangerous blue light, except UV radiation? How effective can be? What about polarized lenses?

How can I protect my eye health from the harmful blue light?

18 ways to protect your eyes from the harmful blue light. Glasses, diet, eye exercises & certain types of lamps can protect your good eyesight.

Eye exercises to improve vision naturally

How to Improve your vision naturally. What eye exercises to do daily? Can you really have better eyesight without glasses?